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In the last 8 years I have worked collaboratively with creative and marketing teams to develop compelling stories that genuinely connect with an audience.

I have produced and directed content for lifestyle, editorial, corporate, and commercial brands.

The process of research, development, and strategy are all an exciting challenge that I look forward to each day. It’s truly an exciting time create.

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It's essential to create objectives, set goals, and to understand your target audience. Doing efficient research before brainstorming any piece of content will inform a rock solid campaign.


Great content needs a thorough approach. Developing concepts that considers the audience experience throughout the content journey will yield the most authentic and cohesive storytelling.


Great content needs to get in front of the right audience. Whether the goal is to gain sponsorships, secure strategic partnerships, or grow a larger audience, or to sell a product. In every scenario you will need a kickass strategy for your content that will yield the best results.