Producer & Director

2019 Reel


Branded Content


Gillette x Fatherly: Letters to Boys | Video Development Producer

Surface x Leica: Jean Pigozzi Leica Sofort | Producer + Director

Surface x Leica: Marc Thorpe and the Leica TL2 | Producer

Krylon Spray Paint x Fatherly: Fam With a Can  | Video Development Producer

eBay Fashion: Social Launch | Content Producer

Disney Home Entertainment x Fatherly: A Wrinkle in Time Science Activity | Producer + Director

Surface x MINI USA: Living Urban Cabin  | Producer + Director

Fatherly x Chrysler Pacifica The Family Car  | Producer + Director

Editorial Content


Surface – Ai Weiwei “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors” | Multimedia Producer + Director

Complex – Neil DeGrasse Tyson + Logic Cover Story BTS | Shooter + Editor

Surface – Misha Kahn Studio Visit | Producer + Director

Fatherly – Karamo Brown social video | Producer + Director

Surface – Norman Foster Studio Visit | Multimedia Producer + Director

Fatherly – Passing the Torch video series | Producer + Director

Fatherly – Desmond is Amazing  | Producer + Director

About me

Producing innovative content that connects with people in relevant, meaningful ways is more challenging and exciting than ever.

In the last 8 years the challenges of working in content production and development have motivated and fueled me. I’ve had the opportunity to share how Ai Weiwei feels about immigration. Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Logic broke the barriers between science and hip hop on my camera sensor. An audience of men who want to be better dads got to see what it takes to raise a 10-year-old Drag Kid.

My mission is to create high-quality content that pushes the boundaries of creativity and genuinely connects with an audience. I’ve managed freelancers in over 30 countries, developed concepts for $950,000 campaigns, and produced thousands of hours of video. All with passion and vigor.

Let’s pioneer a creative world together.

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